JBT Food Tech, Lakeland Florida
JBT Food Tech

JBT Food Tech  JBT Food Tech  JBT Food Tech
JBT Food Tech in Lakeland, Florida consists of the complete tear down of a pre-World War II manufacturing plant along with office and smaller out building. The new construction is all of concrete tilt wall and conventional steel framing that houses a 100,000 square foot,32'-0" clear, manufacturing plant; a 36,650 square foot office building and a 10,000 square foot Research and Development facility all under a single contiguous roof.

Cabot Crosstown, Tampa Florida
Cabot Crosstown

Cabot Crosstown  Cabot Crosstown  Cabot Commerce Center
301 Cabot Commerce Center is a 150,000 square feet, Front-Load, Dock-High, Tilt-Wall Building located on the west side of U.S. 301 with prominent views from the Selmon Expressway.

Davie Business Center, Building "A", Davie Florida
Davie Business Center

Davie - Shell Industrial Building  Davie - Shell Industrial Building  Daviea - Shell Industrial Building
Davie Business Center Building "A" is the first of several planned for the park. It is 122,00 square feet and features a unique clerestory veneer glazing and Stone-Tex accents.

Horizon Commerce Park Building "1", Orlando Florida
Horizon Park Building 1

Horizon - Shell Industrial Building  Horizon - Shell Industrial Building  Horizon - Shell Industrial Building
Horizon Commerce Park Building "1", is the first of several planned for the park. It is 109,000 square feet and features 16'-0" high curtain wall glazing systems and metal panel clad concrete canopies at the entries.

Miramar Centre A - New speculative LEED Silver certified shell building. Miramar, Florida
Miramar Centre

Miramar Centre  Miramar Centre  Miramar Centre
Miramar Centre Building "A" is the fifth speculative shell building in Miramar Centre to be developed by IDI and designed by HHC. It is the first shell building under construction by IDI Florida to receive LEED Silver certification through USGBC. The 264,000 square foot tilt wall building is 32'-0" clear to the conventionally framed steel structure. The building is designed for Florida Building Code's High Velocity Hurricane Zone requirements.

AeroTurbine Corporate Headquarters at Miramar Centre A
AeroTurbine Tenant Improvement

AeroTurbine  AeroTurbine  AeroTurbine
AeroTurbine offers the aviation industry access to one of the world's largest pools of certified aircraft engines, parts, and supply chain solutions. AeroTurbine will be leasing the entire 264,000 sf building including approximately 50,000 square foot of office space. HHC designed the main lobby as a grand entrance with multi-level ceilings, granite tile, wood accents and dramatic lighting to convey the AeroTurbine corporate image to international visitors. The executive offices also include upgraded lighting and finishes. The warehouse is fully air-conditioned and the shell has been modified by adding additional storefront windows at the office and oversized doors at the dock to meet the tenant requirements.

Aubrey Organics - Tampa, Florida
Aubrey Organics

Aubrey Organics  Aubrey Organics  Aubrey Organics
Aubrey Organics is a 43,253 SF Build-To-Suit project for a forty six year old organic personnel health care product company. This project is designed with the intent to receive Silver Certification from USGBC's LEED program. The building has a concrete tilt-up wall panel perimeter with interior steel columns supporting the steel joist girders and steel bar joists. The project consists of 10, 800 sf of office space and 32,400 sf of manufacturing and warehouse space which includes a 3,300 sf Lab that is completely enclosed in insulated metal panels. The pick lines in the production area are illuminated by skylights and clerestories. The overhead lights in this area have sensors that turn them on and off depending on how much light is coming through the skylights. Part of the exterior is clad with a dry stacked stone veneer.

Yuengling Brewery - New Brew House Expansion, Tampa, Florida
Yuengling Brewery

Food and Beverage  Food and Beverage  Food and Beverage
The 16,000 SF addition to the existing Yuengling Tampa brewery includes all-new brewing equipment and operations that the building expansion was designed around. The new building is composed of steel framing with pre-cast panels and single-ply roofing on "doube-T" reinforced pre-cast concrete; there is some rooftop process equipment. The building structure was designed to support the 2-1/2 story Process Vessels and Equipment, and to allow for staged installation and possible future removal of the Vessels and associated equipment. There is a full process "basement"/ground-floor, the 2nd floor main brewery levels which are connected via a covered skywalk to the existing Brew House, and a process mezzanine that is like a small third floor. HHC coordinated the Building Design with the local Yuengling operators and their 3rd party Project Manager-Engineer, who also coordinated with the European Brewing Equipment designer and fabricators.
See a time lapse video of the Brewery Construction - Yuengling Video Yuengling Brewery Video

Publix Warehouse Expansion - Lakeland, Florida
Publix Expansion

Publix  Publix  Publix
The Publix expansion is 40'-0" clear to steel, 550,000 sq. ft. It is a tilt wal,conventionally framed cross dock distribution warehouse with a white single ply roof membrane over R-19 rigid insulation. The building has fifty overhead doors on each side and two drive in doors. This building also has a super flat Kalman concrete floor.