Specialized Services


HHC offers a variety of Specialized Services, including but not limited to Existing Building Evaluation, Due Diligence for Potential Purchases and Green Building Design.

Evaluating the market suitability and functional integrity of existing structures is an important component in the process of re-positioning or purchasing a property in today's commercial markets. This is especially true during a protracted period of uncertain economic direction. HHC has completed millions of square feet of class A commercial properties, renovated hundreds of thousands of square feet of existing facilities, and has been a long term partner with some of the best commercial Developers, Design-builders, and Owners in the Southeast for many years. These developers set the industry standards for commercial projects throughout the market, and HHC is very familiar with the Architectural requirements and configurations necessary to compete in todays commercial real estate environment. This experience set helps makes HHC a valuable team member for those who seek to evaluate existing commercial properties.

HHC can assist in the analysis of commercial properties of all types . Cross familiarity with different commercial building uses enables HHC to be a valuable ally in assessing the implications for the re-use of commercial buildings for new tenants.

Through its associated company, HHC Green, HHC can also study the suitability of Green technologies for retrofitting your existing properties into participation in the rapidly growing renewable resources movement. From LEED® evaluation and certification to the planning, design, and implementation of renewable energy sources on your existing facility, HHC is uniquely positioned to be a strong asset for the evaluation of existing commercial product in today's markets.

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